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Měkkýši PP Hrnčířské louky v Praze
Molluscs of the Hrnčířské louky Nature Monument in Prague

Dagmar Berneška Říhová, Štěpánka Podroužková, Jana Pikulík Škodová, Alena Kocurková, Magda Drvotová, Luboš Beran & Lucie Juřičková

Hrnčířské louky NM in the southeast of Prague protects a pond system surrounded by wet meadows. Until now, only sparse data about mollusc fauna were available. In 2021, 28 snail species (26 land snails, two aquatic) were recorded during the land snail inventory. Together with older sampling that also focused on aquatic species, 47 mollusc species are known from the reserve (28 land snails, 11 aquatic snails, and eight bivalves). Due to numerous water bodies, aquatic species dominate (40%), followed by hygrophilous and wetland dwellers (21%). These are supplemented by woodland species from sparse forest stands (17.5%) and ubiquists (15%). The last three species (6.5%) belong to open-ground dwellers. At the forefront of management activities in the last decades were mowing and declining fishery production in the ponds. An endangered and internationally protected species, Vertigo angustior, which depends on regular mowing, was recorded here for the first time. A review of aquatic molluscs following changes in pond management is recommended.

Keywords: faunistics, Prague molluscs, Vertigo angustior

Říhová D. B., Podroužková Š., Škodová J. P., Kocurková A., Drvotová M., Beran L. & Juřičková L., 2022: Měkkýši PP Hrnčířské louky v Praze [Molluscs of the Hrnčířské louky Nature Monument in Prague]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 21: 24–29.

Publication date: 16. 5. 2022. PDF (5.8 MB) Creative Commons License

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