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Měkkýši Přírodní rezervace Prokopské údolí v Praze
Molluscs of the Prokopské údolí Nature Reserve in Prague

Štěpánka Podroužková, Magda Drvotová, Dagmar Berneška Říhová & Lucie Juřičková

Mollusc fauna of the Prokopské údolí Nature Reserve in Prague (Czech Republic) has been revised. The current research follows up on the monitoring that took place there at five-year intervals in the years 1984–2009. In the 1980s, 43 land snail and seven aquatic species were recorded, while in 2020 the list included 56 land snail and three aquatic species. Although the reserve is considered to be one of the best examined areas in the capital city, remarkable findings are presented, such as a viable population of the critically endangered Helicopsis striata, a new locality of the internationally protected Vertigo angustior, and a recent distant spread of the rare snail Zebrina detrita. Notable trends in the development of local malacofauna in the last four decades are discussed.

Keywords: faunistics, Prague molluscs, Helicopsis striata, Vertigo angustior, Zebrina detrita

Podroužková Š., Drvotová M., Říhová D. B. & Juřičková L., 2021: Měkkýši Přírodní rezervace Prokopské údolí v Praze [Molluscs of the Prokopské údolí Nature Reserve in Prague]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 20: 37–55.

Publication date: 10. 8. 2021. PDF (55 MB) Creative Commons License

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