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Vodní měkkýši přírodní rezervace Krabonošská niva
Aquatic molluscs of the Krabonošská niva Nature Reserve

Luboš Beran & Jaroslav Beran

A floodplain of the Lužnice river at the Czech-Austrian border is protected by the Krabonošská niva Nature Reserve (Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic). This floodplain has a relatively natural character and, in addition to the Lužnice river, there is a high diversity of habitats at various stages of succession such as oxbows, pools and temporary wetlands. Altogether 20 species were found at 15 sites studied in 2021. Common and widespread gastropods Lymnaea stagnalis, Segmentina nitida and Planorbarius corneus belonged among the most often recorded species. Endangered Pisidium globulare was found at two sites, and only one non-native species Physa acuta was recorded. Molluscan assemblages are very similar to the assemblages of the neighboring Horní Lužnice Nature Reserve.

Keywords: Mollusca, faunistics, Lužnice floodplain

Beran L. & Beran J., 2021: Vodní měkkýši přírodní rezervace Krabonošská niva [Aquatic molluscs of the Krabonošská niva Nature Reserve]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 20: 92–97.

Publication date: 1. 11. 2021. PDF (11,3 MB) Creative Commons License

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