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Měkkýši „Ženklavského lesa“ u Štramberka (Severní Morava)
The molluscs of the “Ženklavský les” forest near the town of Štramberk (North Moravia)

Michal Horsák

The molluscs of a previously unexplored site the “Ženklavský les” forest in North Moravia (Czech Republic) were investigated in 2002. Altogether 47 snail species were recorded (46 terrestrial and 1 aquatic). The molluscan fauna was dominated by woodland species including sensitive and endangered ones (e.g., Platyla polita, Sphyradium doliolum, Ruthenica filograna, Vitrea subrimata, and Daudebardia brevipes). The species Vertigo pusilla, and Vestia ranojevici moravica were encountered in the Štramberk environs for the first time and are of regional importance.

Horsák M., 2003: Měkkýši „Ženklavského lesa“ u Štramberka (Severní Morava) [The molluscs of the “Ženklavský les” forest near the town of Štramberk (North Moravia)]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 2: 15–18. https://doi.org/10.5817/MaB2003-2-15

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