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Plži přírodní rezervace U Výpustku v CHKO Moravský kras
Gastropods of the U Výpustku Nature Reserve in the Moravian Karst PLA

Radovan Coufal

The U Výpustku Nature Reserve is located in the central part of the Moravian Karst PLA near the Křtiny Town. The reserve is predominantly forested area with multitude of karst features, such as caves and sinkholes. The valley was shaped in devonian limestones by the Křtinský potok Brook during the Quaternary. In total, 73 species of terrestrial gastropods were recorded (43% of the 171 species occurring in the Czech Republic), seven of which are included in the Red List of threatened species in the Czech Republic and 13 were newly recorded for the area. The majority of the recorded species (43; 59%) are forest dwellers, followed by euryvalent species (13; 18%). The proportion of open-country species is lower: sun-lit rock and steppe (5; 7%), silviphobic (3; 4%), dry-habitat (2; 3%), hygrophilous (4; 6%) and wetland (2; 3%). Among the recorded taxa, there are several rare and sensitive species reflecting the well-preserved state and biological value of the studied area, e.g. Daudebardia brevipes (VU), Ruthenica filograna, Truncatellina claustralis (VU), Chondrina arcadica clienta (NT) and Granaria frumentum (NT). Synanthropic (Arion distinctus, Deroceras reticulatum) and invasive (Arion vulgaris) species were recorded for the first time in the reserve, suggesting their current spread.

Keywords: faunistics, Gastropoda, Moravia, Moravský kras Protected Landscape Area

Coufal R., 2020: Plži přírodní rezervace U Výpustku v CHKO Moravský kras [Gastropods of the U Výpustku Nature Reserve in the Moravian Karst PLA]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 19: 114–123.

Published at October 24, 2020. PDF (20.0 MB) Creative Commons License

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