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Vodní měkkýši přírodní rezervace Maštale (východní Čechy)
Aquatic molluscs of the Maštale Nature Reserve (East Bohemia)

Luboš Beran

The Maštale Nature Reserve (Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic) represents a system of rocky sandstone valleys with springs, ponds and several streams. Aquatic molluscs of this area have never been studied, which became a reason for the first inventory conducted in 2019 and 2020. Altogether 19 species were found at 39 sites, from which Radix labiata, Gyraulus albus, Ancylus fluviatilis and Pisidium casertanum belonged among the most often recorded species while Bythinella austriaca, Acroloxus lacustre, Lymnaea stagnalis, Anodonta anatina, Pisidium milium and P. personatum were found at only one or two sites. Majority of recorded molluscs belonged to common and widespread species; only gastropod Bythinella austriaca and pea mussels Pisidium milium and P. obtusale are listed in the Red List of the Czech Republic in the category Near Threatened. The occurrence of hydrobiid B. austriaca in the area where sandstone dominated is noteworthy. Two non-native species Physa acuta and Ferrissia californica were found.

Keywords: Mollusca, faunistics, Maštale Nature Reserve

Beran L., 2020: Vodní měkkýši přírodní rezervace Maštale (východní Čechy) [Aquatic molluscs of the Maštale Nature Reserve (East Bohemia)]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 19: 124–130.

Publication date: 26. 12. 2020. PDF (12.8 MB) Creative Commons License

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