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Vodní měkkýši Zoologické zahrady hl. m. Prahy
Aquatic molluscs of Prague Zoo

Luboš Beran

The Prague zoological garden is one of the most famous zoos in Europe. It covers an area of 58 ha on the right bank of the Vltava River (a tributary of the Elbe River). Aquatic molluscs of this zoo were studied mostly in 2019. Altogether 17 species were found at various outdoor habitats such as an old oxbow of the Vltava River, artificial pools, wetlands and small watercourses. Poor communities consisting of 1–4 species were found in most sites while 5–6 species were recorded at only four sites. Bithynia tentaculata, Gyraulus albus, and the non-native Physa acuta and Gyraulus parvus belonged among the most often recorded species. More diverse communities and numerous populations of aquatic molluscs were found mainly at sites overgrown with vegetation. On the contrary, it was difficult to find molluscs in habitats poor in vegetation with predatory pressure (e. g. water birds) and eutrophication.

Keywords: Mollusca, aquatic molluscs, faunistics, Prague Zoo

55–60. [PDF (12,4 MB)] Creative Commons License

Beran L., 2020: Vodní měkkýši Zoologické zahrady hl. m. Prahy. [Aquatic molluscs of Prague Zoo]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 19: 55–60. Online serial at <http://mollusca.sav.sk> 25-Apr-2020.

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