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History of the Czech malacozoology

The research on molluscs has an almost 150 year old tradition in the Czech Republic. A first attempt to give an overview of molluscs in Bohemia was made by Schöbl (1860). This work was soon overridden by the detailed work of Slavík (1868). This initiated a more intensive interest in molluscs in Bohemia, which resulted in the renowned monograph of Uličný (1892-95). Data covering the following 50 years have been summarized by Ložek (1948). One year later, Ložek (1949) covered the entire territory of (then) Czechoslovakia. The latest monograph dealing with all recent molluscs of former Czechoslovakia have been published by Ložek (1956) as well. A more recent comprehensive work on molluscs covered only fresh-water species within the Czech Republic (Beran 1998).

The last complete list of the Czech Republic's molluscs was written more than 40 years ago (Ložek 1964) and was included in his work on Quaternary molluscs of Czechoslovakia. Naturally, our knowledge on the mollusc fauna of the Czech Republic has expanded since then. An up-to-date species list is badly needed. Many species not recorded formerly from the Czech Republic have been found within the last four decades. These are particularly species with a restricted range; either occurring in a few scattered and isolated sites or recorded in few localities close to the country's borders. A second group of species that has been getting more important over the last decade is non-native species spreading due to human activities. Another reason for new species to list is the advance made in taxonomy on various levels. Taking into account the practical usage of this invertebrate taxon of high indicator value in conservation we have complemented the inventory by an up-dated Check List and Red List. The last Check List and Red List of Czech molluscs were published by L. Juřičková, M. Horsák, and L. Beran in 2001.


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