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Vodní měkkýši Odlezelského jezera
Aquatic molluscs of Lake Odlezly

Luboš Beran, Vendula Beranová & Vladimír Vrabec

The Odlezelské jezero National Nature Monument was established to protect Lake Odlezy, the youngest natural lake in the Czech Republic, situated near Odlezly in western Bohemia. This lake was created in 1872 by a landslide that blocked the stream. The aquatic molluscs of this unique site were studied in 2013 and 2023. Altogether, 16 species (8 gastropods and 8 bivalves) were found at 13 sites. Molluscan communities in the streams, springs and small wetlands surrounding the lake are very poor, consisting of 1–4 species. In contrast, 13 species were found in the lake. Particularly notable are the probably extensive populations of mussels Anodonta cygnea and Unio tumidus, which are rare in western Bohemia.

Keywords: Mollusca, faunistics, lake

Beran L., Beranová V. & Vrabec V., 2024: Vodní měkkýši Odlezelského jezera [Aquatic molluscs of Lake Odlezly]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 23: 1–5.

Publication date: 23. 1. 2024. PDF (19.6 MB) Creative Commons License

Map with localities.
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