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Súhrn výsledkov malakologických výskumov v NPR Šúr (1918–2005)
Results of malacological investigations of the Šúr National Nature Reserve during 1918–2005

Tomáš Čejka & Libor Dvořák

The present paper summarizes all data on molluscan fauna from the Šúr National Nature Reserve between 1918–2005. It represents the largest Central-European remaining area of the autochthonous virgin alder swamp wood lying in a low basin (Carici elongatae-Alnetum Swickerath, 1933). Adjacent protected biotopes (flooded meadows, thermophilous Pannonian oak woods, forest-steppe-like shrub formations, drainage ditch and fishpond) were also surveyed. Altogether, 82 species in the target area were found during 1918–2005. In total we found 38 mollusc species (13 freshwater) in six biotopes in 2005; 24 species (7 freshwater) in alder wood; woodland and hygrophilous species were the most numerous. Presence of Viviparus acerosus, Anisus leucostoma, Pseudanodonta complanata, and Pisidium amnicum is dubious. Seven species new for the reserve were found (Carychium tridentatum, Arion lusitanicus, Deroceras rodnae, Cochlicopa nitens, Vertigo antivertigo, Cochlicopa lubricella, and Potamopyrgus antipodarum).

Keywords: alder swamp wood, wetlands, Mollusca

Čejka T. & Dvořák L., 2007: Súhrn výsledkov malakologických výskumov v NPR Šúr (1918–2005) [Results of malacological investigations of the Šúr National Nature Reserve during 1918–2005]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 6: 22–28.

Publication date: 6. 6. 2007. PDF (301 kb) Creative Commons License

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