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Gyraulus chinensis (Dunker, 1848) – a new greenhouse species for the Czech Republic (Gastropoda: Planorbidae)

Luboš Beran & Peter Glöer

Gyraulus chinensis (Dunker, 1848), a planorbid snail native to South and East Asia and living in small water bodies, has been found in two greenhouses, the first time in the Czech Republic. Its occurrence in other greenhouses in the Czech Republic is possible. Survival of this snail in nature is considered unlikely, but it might be possible in artificially heated environments.

Beran L. & Glöer P., 2006: Gyraulus chinensis (Dunker, 1848) – a new greenhouse species for the Czech Republic (Gastropoda: Planorbidae). – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 5: 25–28.

Publication date: 12. 5. 2006. PDF (1.8 MB) Creative Commons License

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