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Koncept ekologických fenoménů v interpretaci středoevropské vegetace
Ecological phenomena concept: the interpretation of the Central-European vegetation

Tomáš Kučera

A review of literature referring to floristic, vegetation and habitat diversity in Bohemian Massif has resulted to a revision and detailed classification of ecological phenomena. Each phenomenon represents an open non-hierarchical system of lithological, hydrological, topoclimatic and biotic aberrations, that differ from common features of surrounded “zonal“ environment. Two main groups of ecological phenomena have been distinguished: (i) large-scale ecological geo-phenomena originated by prominent lithological factors, and (ii) meso-scale ecological topo-phenomena produced by local action of hydrology, topoclimate, and air currents. With regard to the first group, the following geo-phenomena play a particular role in the Central European vegetation: (a) sandstone, (b) limestone and dolomite (karst phenomenon), (c) marl (flysch and loess), (d) neo-volcanic, and (e) serpentinite phenomena. With regard to the latter group, the following meso-scale phenomena contribute to the diversity of habitats in landscape scenery: (f) river (or valley), (g) summit, (h) frost hollow, and (i) scree (and glacial cirque) phenomena. The “insular“ feature of the ecological phenomena in vegetation cover is expressed mainly by the occurrence of treeless ecosystems, such as swamps, bogs, marshes, steppes, rock faces and scree ecosystems, etc. Relatively higher species richness can indicate most of ecological phenomena (they should be detected by the distance from the regional species-area curve), and by the presence of rare plant species, especially by the relic and/or endemic species, which survive on extreme habitats due to the lower competition of prevailing dominant woody or graminoid species.

Kučera T., 2005: Koncept ekologických fenoménů v interpretaci středoevropské vegetace [Ecological phenomena concept: the interpretation of the Central-European vegetation]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 3: 47–77.

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