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Měkkýši zapomenutého Branžovského hvozdu (jihozápadní Čechy)
Molluscs of the forgotten Branžovský hvozd Forest (south-western Bohemia)

Jitka Horáčková & Libor Dvořák

This paper presents a research of the mollusc fauna in the Branžovský hvozd Forest in south-western Bohemia. Altogether, 77 mollusc species (69 terrestrial gastropods, 6 fresh-water gastropods and 2 bivalves) were recorded at 55 selected sites. We primarily focused on the research of natural woodlands and eight forest nature reserves in the area. The common forest species dominate there, with a presence of strictly forest species, such as Ena montana, Petasina unidentata, Platyla polita, Ruthenica filograna, Sphyradium doliolum and Vitrea subrimata. The slug Arion obesoductus has been recorded here for the first time, but only at one site. Its distribution in the Czech Republic is still insufficiently known. Species of open habitats were found exclusively at xeric sites of the castle ruins. The slug Tandonia rustica, a species of areas of predominantly warm climate, was recorded at two beech forests in unusually high elevation of 640 and 730 m. The research substantially completes the current knowledge of the mollusc fauna in the area between Český les Forest and Šumava Mts. in the western Bohemia.

Keywords: faunistics, terrestrial snails, Tandonia rustica, Czech Republic

Horáčková J. & Dvořák L., 2017: Měkkýši zapomenutého Branžovského hvozdu (jihozápadní Čechy) [Molluscs of the forgotten Branžovský hvozd Forest (south-western Bohemia)]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 16: 12–27.

Publication date: 17. 2. 2017. PDF (44.3 MB) Creative Commons License

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