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Molluscan and Vertebrate Successions from the Veľká Drienčanská Cave

Vojen Ložek

Here we present a biostratigraphy of entrance deposits in the Veľká Drienčanská Cave based on molluscan and vertebrate successions in correlation with prehistoric pottery records. This corresponds to the final Last Glacial – Holocene time-span and reflects the following environmental history: the coexistence of open-country and woodland snail communities throughout the whole succession documents the persistence of high-diversity karsts parkland since the Late Glacial up to present, which has been supported by human activities since the Neolithic occupation. However, the molluscan succession shows a general agreement with the standard mid-European developmental pattern. The molluscan evidence is confirmed by vertebrate fossil finds.

Keywords: Central Slovakia, West Carpathians, cave-entrance fill, molluscan succession, vertebrates, Late Glacial, Holocene, karstland

Ložek V., 2012: Molluscan and Vertebrate Successions from the Veľká Drienčanská Cave. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 11: 39–44.

Publication date: 7. 10. 2012. PDF (936 kB) Creative Commons License

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