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Měkkýši Národní přírodní rezervace Soos
Molluscs (Mollusca) of the Soos National Nature Reserve

Jitka Horáčková

The Soos National Nature Reserve nearby Františkovy Lázně Town (Western Bohemia, Czech Republic) is a spectacular peatbog site with the occurrence of fens on numerous mineral spring effluents, emanations of pure carbon dioxide in mofettes (i.e. false mud volcanoes), parts with saltwater wetlands, and diatomite mantel in its central part. These natural conditions affect general character of all habitats, vegetation and malacocoenoses in the reserve. Altogether, 31 mollusc species were found there, but only two of them are considered as near threatened (Pisidium obtusale and Vertigo substriata). The majority of recorded assemblage was composed of common and generalist mollusc species.

Keywords: Czech Republic, Western Bohemia, faunistics, peat bog, Arion obesoductus, Cepaea nemoralis

Horáčková J., 2012: Měkkýši Národní přírodní rezervace Soos [Molluscs (Mollusca) of the Soos National Nature Reserve]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 11: 54–57.

Publication date: 18. 12. 2012. PDF (8.8 MB) Creative Commons License

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